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  • Foldable Gym Bag

    Foldable, washable and durable Pouch opens into a large light weight gym duffle Can carry 15 kg weight Can be used for gym, as travel duffle, cabin / excess luggage etc. Adjustable sling, 2 carrying handles, bottle holders and inside pocket
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    Garment Packing Bags (Set of 3)

    • Set of 3 bags
    • Easy segregation of clothes for travel and storage purposes
    • Durable and easy to wash
    • Quick drying fabric
    • Pack or store sarees, dresses, shirts, accessories and other apparel with ease
    • Dimension:
      • Apparel Pouch: L-15", W-12", H-6"
      • Top & Tees Pouch: L-12", W-10", H-3.5"
      • Utility Pouch: L-10", W-8", H-3.5"
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    Laundry Bag

    • Hard fiber base
    • Easily fits 10-15 soiled clothes
    • Draw string closure locks the odour within the bag
    • Can also be used for storing toys, old books, napkins and more
    • Can be hang behind the door or kept in the restroom
    • Durable and easy to wash
    • Quick drying fabric
    • Dimension: L-17", W-16", H-19"
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  • Lingerie wash bag (Pack of 2)

    • Pack of 2
    • Mesh bag with zipper protects lingerie from mixing with other clothes
    • Suitable for machine wash
    • Allows water and detergent to flow through
    • Can hang the bag directly for drying
    • Can be used as a lingerie bag for storage and organizing luggage
    • Dimension: L-6", W-4", H-6"
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  • Set of 6 Shopping Bags (Classic)

    • Re-usable shopping bag
    • Pack of 6; available in 6 assorted colors
    • Multi-purpose shopping bag with gusset
    • Foldable and Washable
    • Colorful and fashionable
    • Lasts up to 3 years
    • Made from water repellant Polyester fabric
    • Can carry up to 15 kgs
    • Ideal for grocery, poultry, light provisional and weekend shopping
    • Dimension: H-15″, W-21″, Gusset-6”
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  • Shoe Care (Pack of 3)

    Shoe Care Packing Bags - (Pack of 3) 
    • Comes with half mesh and drawstring
    • Good for carrying and storing shoes
    • Can be used to store toiletries, medicines, cosmetics, etc., while travelling
    • Works good as a car bin bag
    • Pack of 3
    • Available in 3 assorted colors
    • Dimension: L - 10.50", H - 15"
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  • Tiffin Bag

    • Can accommodate 3 lunch boxes and a bottle
    • Keeps food warm
    • Durable leatherette handle
    • Holder for spoon or fork
    • Pocket for sauce sachets or tissues
    • Durable and easy to wash
    • Quick drying fabric
    • Handle to carry the bag
    • Available in assorted colors
    • Dimension: L-8", W-4", H-7.5
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  • Veggie Shopping Bag

    • 6 dedicated pockets for fruits, Veggies, bottles, cansor Curds
    • Foldable and Washable
    • Lasts up to 3 years
    • Made from water repellant Polyester fabric
    • Can carry up to 20kgs
    • Ideal for daily shopping
    • Dimension: L-15", W-20", Gusset -6"
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    Hanging Wardrobe Organiser

    • Sturdy, Foldable and Washable
    • Quick drying fabric
    • 5 compartments
    • A strap to let it hang on the wardrobe bar
    • With these hanging Closet Organisers Keep Shirts, Sweaters and Other Accessories Odor-Free and Moth-Free
    • Best for small clothes like socks, kerchiefs, innerwear, baby clothes and more
    • Can also be used for storing footwear, toys, documents and more
    • Available in 2 colours
    • Dimension: L-6", W-11", H-25.5
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